#trulondon – post event blog

So this is a blog of 2 firsts …

My first Blog and my first #trulondon – very scary!

Firstly my thanks to @BillBoorman for organising things… a huge task but something that you should feel was a great result, as it was FANTASTIC!

I must say that had I not been warned what was coming I would have been overawed by the whole thing.  So many people with so much knowledge, freely sharing and wanting to help is a tribute to you all.  Thanks everyone.

I have listed below some of the key points I got from the (un)conference over and above the fact that its clear Social Media is here to stay.  Don’t ask what guise, label or technology type that it is or will be, just acceopt it and embrace it.  Just don’t forget what Bill said at the begining .. “we all have a common app .. its called a mouth so use it !”

To all my new friends, my thanks and best wishes


These are some of the things that I picked up from #TruLondon …  I hope that those involved will find them fair and accurate!

Referral Programs

  • 40% of hires in the US are through referral programs
  • Targeted streams (communities) are becoming the norm
  • Reward is less monetary focused – eg a lunch may encourage as much as dollars
  • Some companies will do a lottery to win a car of holiday whilst some will pay $20,000 – yes that is TWENTY THOUSAND !
  • Alumni programs are now more than acceptable with some employers getting the leaving staff to sign up before they do actually leave!
  • Referrals should be quality aimed/targeted not just “find us a body”
  • You need to be careful that referral programs don’t become stale
  • Seniority of hire/referral can affect the reward and this is perhaps not the best idea
  • Referred in people retention rates are about the same as direct or agency hires 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

  • RPO is moving towards the entire HR function becoming HRO …
  • A lot of start-ups are now taking on this model to save hassle and have a fixed/known cost are their own employee numbers increase
  • RPO allows up and down scaling at no human cost to the employer
  • RPO should be for the long term benefits not just a cost saving exercise
  • Medium sized Organisations (1000 to 7000 employees) are now starting to look at RPO

Old Skool v New Skool

  • Neither can be taken in isolation – don’t just rely on the old traditional practices or just the new ones – eg twitter
  • There is a blend needed but there is no specific line where 1 starts as the other has stopped
  • “Old” traditional values and human interaction are still vital and must not be ignored
  • You really do need to know your market in order to know how best to use the blend
  • Think about this when you get ask for a quick result “If you need a brain surgeon do you want one that does a quick job or one that is the best?”!!

Boolean Strings

  • Operators are site specific so know the search tool you are using
  • Its not just a case of Not, And, Or
  • An example of an operator is site: … ie look only in that domain
  • Tips are the obvious ones:-
    • Don’t get the syntax wrong even on basic searches
    • Learn the syntax for each search engine
    • Think more about what you want so you can measure how good your query is
    • Don’t expect the perfect result first time – EVER
    • Review a few of the results to see if it matches your expectations and amend accordingly
    • Be playful and creative and think “outside the box”
    • Look at the URL you get back it might have useful information in it – eg an email address – yes it really does happen !
    • Use places for cross referencing – eg LinkedIn
    • Use cross referencing to see what else might be relevant to what you are doing – eg if 5 people all mention something similar, will that help you?
  • Google toolbar highlighter can help you see a key word or 2 quickly on a page
  • Auto scroll tools can help
  • Content capture tools/programs can help if you do long and complex searches often
  • Don’t forget that you can use (say) Bing search engine to search things like LinkedIn… ie you don’t need to use the site specific search tool

About nigelseed

Husband, Father and IT Project Manager. Trying to get to grips with all the Social Media side of life !
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